Optical Measurement Systems

Optical measurement systems provide manufacturing businesses with a wide range of flexible and adaptable non-contacting tools to help the design and manufacturing process.

These systems are now part of the micro and Nanotechnology revolution. For example they can be designed to give:-

  • 3-D shape measurement of engineering components with micrometre precision over a wide range of size scales.
  • Deformation measurement with Nanometre sensitivity.
  • Location and tracking of objects and components.
  • Non-destructive testing.
  • Materials property analysis.
Psi-tran staff have more than 25 years experience in developing and adapting optical systems for analysis and measurement. This includes development of Digital Fringe Measurement technology which enables optical measurement systems to measure components—full field in real time.

Dr Robinson invented the first Digital Speckle Interferometer and went on to publish a definitive text book on Interferogram Analysis.

Combining our science and business skills together, we can provide advice on technology development and how to use it to add value to your business, or in starting a new venture.



Bid Management and Project Management

We specialise in bidding for and project management of multi-partner collaborative projects, particularly for research programmes funded by the TSB, EU and ESA.

Talk to us early in your planning process and we can provide a range of services from;- specific advice as part of a team; all the way though to leading the complete process and managing the subsequent projects. Making it happen!.

Formulating Research Programmes

Getting the best portfolio of research projects to deliver your needs can be a difficult process. For governments and business the key is to balance the need for innovative risky research, with higher potential rewards, with the shorter term needs of the business

The governments R&D tax credit is providing an increased incentive to invest in R&D. But how do you ensure a good return on your investment?

We have more than 15 years experience of formulating multi-disciplinary research programmes for the Department of Trade and Industry(DTI) and Department for Business Innovation and Skills(BSI), involving industry collaborative projects.

A range of tools are available to ensure that projects are prioritised that deliver customer objectives while ensuring all stakeholders buy into the selection decisions.