Associates & Affiliates

Psi-tran works regularly with other business associates and consultants. They bring a range of complementary skills and many years of consulting experience in an efficient and cost effective manner, to all our client projects.

Project teams are developed to suit the needs of the work on a case by case basis, starting with an analysis of client project requirements. In this way Psi-tran can provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for a range of technology consultancy and business start-up services. Regular team members and partners include:

Richard Blott, Director of SEP Ltd: Space Enterprise Partnerships (SEP) provides consultancy in space technology research and development.  It is a member of the International Astronautical Federation.  Richard Blott, has over ten years experience in international space research and a strong track record in business and product development.  This includes the management of multi-national small satellite and advanced propulsion programmes and chair of the UKSpace Science and Exploration Sub Committee.  He is currently providing consultancy to the European Space Agency, the European Commission, UK and European industry.

Chris Budleigh,  CEO of Psi-ense Ltd,  brings a wide range of experience in business financial analysis, market research and knowledge transfer for our customers.

Mick McLean, MD of Technologia Ltd, brings a wide range of experience in public policy, economic and technological market assessment and business appraisal.



Jan Bergman, MD of ASICON Ltd, brings a deep understanding of space physics and the development of miniaturised instrumentation.

John Burton, MD of Productive Assets Ltd, brings a wider range of experience in business development in the communications sector.

Psi-tran also works regularly with other consultancies and organizations to provide customers with a wide range of skills and services in partnership.

Psi-tran works with Quotec,  who specialise in industrial innovation processes and technology transfer/knowledge transfer between the science base and industry.

Psi-tran works with Optimat, a world class science consultancy based in Glasgow.

Psi-tran has an extensive knowledge and insight into the work of the National Physical Laboratory, its services and skills, and we work with NPL when Psi-tran’s clients need access to specialist measurement services and facilities.