Clients and Projects

Since the company Launch in March 2004, Psi-tran has steadily grown its client base and has now completed a wide range of projects, involving repeat business from satisfied customers including:-

  • BNSC
  • NERC
  • Phase Vision Ltd
  • University Aston
  • A-Metrics LLC
  • Quotec Ltd
  • Bath, Brunel & Leeds
  • ESA
  • BTS Holdings plc
  • Sagentia Ltd
  • UAB Barcelona
  • EC
  • NPL
  • Optimat Ltd
  • SEP Ltd

Current & Recent Projects

These include:-

ESA Study- Imaging of Wavescattering in Solids: Psi-tran is leading a study for ESA to demonstrate a novel Non Destructive Inspection (NDI) instrument for testing complex space materials, based on a state-of-the-art non-linear acoustic imaging method. Psi-tran is working with NPL and Theta Technologies in an 18 month TRP study for ESA's Department of Mechanical Engineering. As part of the study a workshop was held at ESA and at NPL in February and March 2013 to establish the state-of-the-art prior to developing a breadboard testing device.

Metrology training for the EU - Twinning project for Ukraine: Psi-tran is supporting NPL and BSI to deliver a series of metrology training workshops for test and calibration laboratories in the Ukraine as part of an EU twinning project. Training is being supplied in - "the basics of measurement uncertainty" with examples from most technical unit areas including; Temperature, Mass, Length, Time, Electrical, Analytical Chemical and Ionising Radiation; during 2012 and 2010.

ESA Cosmic Vision Proposal: SURO - Space based Ultra-long Wavelength Radio Observatory. Psi-tran led the proposal Bid Management team working with the PI Willem Baan and colleagues from NPL, ASTRON, SEP, ASICON, SSTL, ASTRIUM, ALTRAN and many more to submit a high quality proposal to the Dec 2010 ESA science committee call.

NERC Technology Strategy Study: Psi-tran led the recent NERC technology strategy study and, with a team from NPL’s Environmental Measurements Group, road mapped the entire NERC science need vs technology requirement landscape. This is enabling NERC to define a long term Technology Strategy as part of its new overall Science Strategy for 2007 and beyond.



current & recent projects

Emerging Technology Business Creation. Psi-tran has recently assisted Phase Vision Ltd, to undertake technology market research, and to develop a business plan suitable for investment by various Venture Capital funds in a new spin-off company.

Market assessment and business planning. Psi-tran undertook an early stage technology, market, and business plan assessment for the Brunel Enterprise Centre.

Formulating the ‘Measurement for Emerging Technology’ Programme for the DTI: In partnership with a secondee to the National Measurement System Directorate, Psi-tran led the creation of this £10.1m research programme working closely with NPL (the lead contractor), LGC and NEL

New Technology Market Evaluation. Psi-tran has assisted BTS Holdings plc, with a new technology market assessment, prior to further product development investment.

Nanotechnology transducer evaluation: Psi-tran has been assisting North Carolina-based A-Metrics LLC to evaluate the performance of a patented ultra-precision nano-transducer, where state-of-the-art measurement systems need to be employed to benchmark early research prototypes. Psi-tran is providing technology advice and project management services.

Measurement strategy advice to the European Space Agency: The project (led by Psi-tran Ltd) is a collaboration with NPL, to provide measurement advice to the Mechanical Engineering Department at ESA’s technology centre, ESTEC Noordwijk. In phase 1, advice on state-of-the-art measurement and calibration strategies has been given to the laboratories providing thermal and dimensional measurement, and test services, for ESA projects. This is part of the Department's on-going work to extend its current accreditations to ISO 17025 and to acquire greater recognition in terms of technical competence through adherence to the latest international standards. A phase 2 and Phase 3 extension of the work has now also been completed.

Space Industry Mapping Study: In 2006, Psi-tran supported Sagentia Ltd with expert knowledge of the UK Space Industry in a recent study to map the down-stream space industry and its economic benefits. This was part of BNSC’s case-for-space review.

Expert Advice for the DTI National Measurement System Directorate (NMSD). Psi-tran is providing support to Sagentia; in an expert-advice contract for the NMSD to support their mission to improve the competitiveness of UK industry though provision of measurement standards.

Project due diligence. Psi-tran provided support to Quo-Tec Ltd, in a contract to assess nanotechnology project proposals prior to some major capital investment decisions by the customer.